Widow of Stevie Wonder’s longtime attorney sues for royalties

The widow of Johanan Vigoda, Stevie Wonder’s long-time lawyer, has sued Wonder and five other defendants for breaching an agreement that entitles Vigoda’s widow and heirs to receive royalty fees from the musician, The Courthouse News Service reported on February 27.

In a suit filed by Susan Strack, she said that his late husband helped the singer-songwriter have the most profitable deals in the industry, which granted him a 6% share on royalty payments forever. She added that she continued receiving royalties for about 20 months after Vigoda passed away. However, in mid-2013, Strack said Wonder concluded the deal and instructed all music companies to halt paying Strack and Vigoda’s estate.

Strack is seeking to recover payments entitled to her, plus compensation for damages.

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