Seniors are living longer than ever before leading to a new set of legal concerns to be addressed for all ages. Elder law attorneys take a comprehensive approach: handling a range of issues to meet the goals of the client. People need to plan for long-term housing, future medical care, and the ‘what ifs’ should they become incapacitated. Elder law attorneys can help with this complex estate planning.

Long-term care is expensive, therefore, seniors also need to gather information on government benefits, such as medicare, medicaid, SSI, and long-term-care insurance. An elder law attorney can help coordinate private and public funds to finance the costs of care.

Not only do seniors have to take measures to plan their future, but their caretakers need to take legal precautions as well. An elder law attorney can also counsel their client on the use of such documents as Powers of Attorney and Guardianship; which are alternative decision-making documents that can be enacted to ensure the client’s wishes are being followed as well as their right to quality care.

Elder law may seem like an up-and-coming area of law, but Peck Ritchey, LLC‘s attorneys have a combined experience of over 90 years and will continue to focus solely on the needs of the elderly.