Judge orders Ariel Winter’s accounting be examined on her behalf

A Los Angeles Superior Court Judge has ordered a court-appointed attorney to examine Ariel Winter’s fiscal rundown of assets before accepting the accounting her father and his lawyers have made, mynewsLA.com reported on January 20.

The finances of 16-year-old “Modern Family” actress, who’s been under her sister’s permanent guardianship since May, are managed by her father until she reaches adulthood. Judge Daniel Murphy requested that a review of accounting should be made for Winter by a court-appointed lawyer, who is expected to report back in the next court hearing scheduled February 27.

Winter has been the subject of a custody battle between her sister and her mother, who has been accused of emotionally abusing her.

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Paul Walker’s daughter to live with mother and nanny

Paul Walker’s daughter will live with her biological mother and a nanny after a Los Angeles family court commissioner dismissed the guardianship case over the 15-year-old teen, the ABC News reported on May 28.

Los Angeles Superior Court Commissioner David Cowan decided to drop the guardianship case for Paul Walker’s daughter, Meadow Walker, after the legal counsel he assigned for Meadow proved that no further court oversight for the teenager’s care was necessary. Amy Nieman, the attorney representing Meadow, told the court that an adequate plan had been set up for the care of the teenager.

Cheryl Walker, Paul Walker’s mother, had previously claimed guardianship over her granddaughter, but later decided to drop the case due to her granddaughter’s wishes. Meadow’s mother, Rebecca Solteros, is currently sober and receiving treatment for alcoholism.

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Petition to end guardianship battle over Paul Walker’s daughter rejected

A petition by Paul Walker’s mother to abandon her guardianship bid over the actor’s daughter was thwarted by a judge, an online report stated.

Last March, Cheryl Walker filed documents seeking guardianship over the actor’s 15-year-old daughter, claiming that mother Rebecca Soteros would be a harmful guardian due to her struggle with alcoholism. However, an out-of-court settlement between Walker and Soteros last month led the grandmother to drop her guardianship claim.

The attempt to cancel the guardianship case was rejected by Commissioner David Cowan, who said it is the court’s discretion whether or not the case will be dropped. Cowan has ordered an investigation regarding the guardianship, the results of which will be discussed in a hearing on Wednesday, May 28. An attorney has been assigned by Cowan to represent Paul Walker’s daughter in the case.

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