*All courses are available for CEU (Social Worker) CE (Nurse) continuing education credit.

Table Of Contents


    • Aging with your Ducks in a Row: An overview on the importance of estate planning. What happens if you do not have an estate plan? Basic estate planning techniques every person should know: wills, trusts, powers of attorney and deeds.
    • Celebrity Estate Battles: Learn about the legal issues resulting from the missteps of celebrity estate planning. Learn probate avoidance methods including joint tenancy, trusts, and lifetime gifting, and review when it is appropriate to assign power of attorney for property and what it entails.
    • Trust Me: Learn about the different types of trusts available, how they can help preserve your assets, and which option is best for you.


    • Guardianship: Learn about the different types of guardianship, when it is appropriate to have the court step in and appoint a guardian, and how a guardianship can protect and manage an older adult’s estate.
    • Legal and Medical Perspective Related to Dementia: How the legal and medical communities work together with regards to a dementia diagnosis. Attendees will learn about the early warning signs of dementia, maintaining safety and when to seek a medical consultation. They will also review the legal options available to safeguard an individual with an early or advanced stage dementia diagnosis.
    • Hoarding in Older Adults: Beside the initial shock of the mountains of “stuff” that lie behind a hoarder’s walls, what happens when the law steps in? Attendees will learn how an elder law attorney works with the health care team to ensure the disabled person receives the help they need. This seminar will go through the complete hoarding continuum including breaking down the various solutions available such as guardianship.


    • Family, Finances & Feuds: Learn the main arguments for contesting a will or trust in Illinois and how a beneficiary, trustee or family member can protect their inheritance.
    • Where There’s a Will There’s a Way: Review the precarious scenarios that can arise if powers of attorney are not drafted properly so that it doesn’t happen to you.


    • The Mind is a Valuable Thing to Waste: Ethical Issues with Competency Cases – how to determine capacity, how the law protects people with capacity issues, and how you should plan for your patient with capacity issues.
    • Ethical Issues Related to End-of-Life: Learn how practitioners can protect themselves in the decision- making chain of command for issues surrounding death. Review who has the right to make decisions on behalf of an incapacitated person. Discuss legal tactics to protect an incapacitated person’s wishes and to avoid a legal dispute.


    • Celebrity Sized Problems: Infamous elder abuse, financial exploitation, and probate mishaps by the rich and famous and how we can learn from their mistakes.


    • Special Needs Planning: Learn how to protect your loved one through special needs trusts, guardianship and government benefits with a special needs trust.


    • The Sandwich Generation: Tips and tricks for adults caring for their aging parents while supporting their own children. Learn what legal steps should to be taken to protect aging family members’ physical and financial needs.
    • Dealing with Dementia: Find out what legal tools patients and families with dementia and/or Alzheimer’s disease can utilize to protect the patient’s wishes and long-term care plan.