Questions to Ask Elderly Relatives This Holiday Season

With the holiday season upon us, it’s important to check in with family members. When visiting your parents or elderly relatives consider asking more than just how they are doing.

Do you know how to spot signs of elder abuse?

Are your elderly relatives able to live well on their own? Perhaps looking into obtaining a caretaker or moving them into a senior living facility should be considered for the future.

Ask about their routines, health and social interactions to get a better picture if they need more help in their day-to-day lives.

Finances may not be an easy topic of discussion but looking for clues in conversation could help you recognize signs of financial abuse. For example:

  • A new “friendship” with someone who has nothing in common with the older person.
  • Sudden changes in regular banking withdrawal activity.
  • Co-signing or guaranteeing a loan for someone else.

Do you know your family members’ end-of-life wishes?

Not only should you learn about their wishes but you should also find out if and where they are documented. If funeral arrangements have been prepared ahead of time, do the right people know where to find burial plot information, etc?

Take the opportunities over these next few months to examine how happy and healthy your older relatives’ lives really are. You can help avoid future emergencies by productively discussing their current and future living situations now.

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