Chicago Trust Contests Attorneys

Many trusts are managed without any serious issues. Occasionally, legal issues between parties of the trust – such as the trustee and beneficiaries – arise. For example, a trust contest may occur when a beneficiary believes that trust funds are being mismanaged. Sometimes, an elderly individual’s trust fund may be taken advantage of by a coercive family member or friend. As such, trust litigation can be a complicated process.

The legal team at Peck Ritchey, LLC happily serves Chicago area residents with any probate or elder law conflicts that may arise. Our seasoned attorneys have the experience necessary to assist you with any obstacles surrounding trust contests.

Common Causes of Trusts Contests

There can be any number of circumstances that lead to trusts contests. For instance, the following may be challenged:

  • A trust’s formation (was the deceased coerced, manipulated, etc.?)
  • A trust’s management (is the trustee mismanaging funds?)

If you have recently become involved in or are considering filing for a trust contest in the Chicago area, it may be wise to discuss your legal options with an experienced probate attorney. With a legal team by your side, the rights and interests of the testator can be better protected.

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