Peck Ritchey’s Elder Attorneys Work With County And State Agencies To Represent And Protect The Elderly

At Peck Ritchey, we’re proud of our record as elder attorneys in Chicago, where we’ve represented hundreds of elderly clients and their families. The safety and well-being of the elderly is the primary focus of many area agencies that work to combat elder abuse and neglect. In today’s society, the elderly are increasingly falling through the cracks. In many cases, elder attorneys in Chicago are instrumental in protecting the rights and health of older individuals and their families.

Help Protect Your Loved Ones With The Help Of Elder Attorneys In Chicago

Over the years, the state of Illinois and the city of Chicago have created many laws and statutes that address various issues involving the abuse or neglect of elderly individuals. In some cases, Peck Ritchey was instrumental in developing these laws. Our law firm frequently provides legal advice to older individuals and their family members when elder laws have been violated or ignored. In order to establish and defend various elder law statutes, we’ve worked closely with various agencies and organizations that provide care and support to aged individuals and their families.

A Unique Relationship With Agencies Supporting The Aged

Our close relationship with various organizations dedicated to the elderly gives us a distinct advantage when we are hired as elder attorneys in Chicago. We are familiar with the ways that state and local agencies operate and can suggest various ways to protect your elderly loved ones from abuse, including adult day care solutions, appropriate home health care agencies, respite services for caregivers and nursing homes that meet the highest standards of care.

We’ve worked as elder attorneys in Chicago for decades and can guide you and your loved ones toward the best solutions for your entire family, often apprising our clients of options they didn’t even know existed such as homemaker care for routine cleaning, errands and household chores. We work with our clients to connect them with the right programs for their needs as well as the needs of their families. In some cases, our elder attorneys can introduce clients to agencies providing financial assistance as well as physical and emotional support.

Court Appointed Elder Attorneys

Chicago courts often call upon elder attorneys in Chicago to represent elderly clients who don’t have family or friends to protect them against abuse or neglect. Peck Ritchey lawyers are frequently appointed as Guardians Ad Litem or Trustees for those who have passed away without a will in place or for individuals who may need legal counsel due to suspected abuse or neglect. In the past, our elder attorneys have also acted as administrators or executors of estates. This level of trust in our lawyers is an indication of our experience and integrity.

Understanding The Needs Of The Elderly

If you need the services of experienced, respected elder attorneys in Chicago, take some time to browse our website and visit our blog, where you’ll discover important information on elder abuse and neglect as well as other relevant issues. Over the years we’ve researched many elder law issues, written papers on them and given talks to organizations devoted to elder issues. This gives us a unique perspective that will be extremely valuable to you and your loved ones. We also have worked with many state and local agencies on aging for clients through the years, ensuring that our elder attorneys in Chicago can give you and your elderly loved ones the finest representation possible.