Filing for guardianship of an ailing or incompetent parent is an emotional minefield. At Peck Ritchey, we’ve seen families torn apart by the improper handling of parental guardianship and we strive to minimize the emotional fallout for our clients and their loved ones. If you have a parent who is unable to care for his or herself or who isn’t making rational financial decisions, you need a guardianship attorney in Chicago who is willing to go that extra mile to protect your rights as well as your parents’ rights. Chicago elder law statutes address a variety of guardianship issues and we’ve been addressing those issues in court for years. Our elder lawyers in Illinois can help you set up appropriate boundaries that protect your parent’s dignity and autonomy while giving you the power to oversee their care and finances. We take pride in establishing guardianships that Chicago guardianship attorneys agree are in the best interests of all parties. Call our office to talk to one of our Chicago elder law specialists; they can help you determine which kind of guardianship is best for your family.

A Guardianship Attorney In Chicago: Your Source For Guardianship Information

Elder lawyers in Illinois have to be experienced in handling a variety of adult guardianship issues in order to capably represent you and maintain the dignity of a parent who can no longer care for himself or herself. At Peck Ritchey, we will help you determine whether you need to establish guardianship over your parent’s health care decisions, his or her financial situation or both. According to Chicago elder law, if you are granted guardianship of your parent, you will need to make medical decisions, make sure they are caring for themselves properly, and find appropriate care for them if they can’t do it themselves.

Elder lawyers in Illinois can also file a petition for you to take control of your parent’s finances. If you are granted financial guardianship, you will be expected to make money-related decisions for your parent. This could include purchasing needed items, paying their bills and ascertaining what is the best financial path for their future. A guardianship attorney in Chicago can help you determine whether you need to file for guardianship of your parent’s person, his or her finances or both, which is often the case if an individual suffers from Alzheimer’s disease or age related dementia.

Because your parent may resent any attempt to gain control over his or her independence, it’s critical to work with an experienced guardianship attorney in Chicago who will protect your parent’s dignity throughout the guardianship proceedings.  Chicago elder law provides helpful guidelines that all Peck Ritchey’s elder lawyers in Illinois can interpret and apply for the best outcome for every individual.

Allowing Your Parent To Participate

Peck Ritchey’s elder lawyers in Illinois have been working closely with families for years; they understand the difficulty of moving through a transitional period from a parent’s complete independence to living under your supervision. During this time, a guardianship attorney will stress the importance of including your parent in the decision making process whenever possible. For instance, you may interview several home health care workers to find the right care for your parent, but don’t make the final choice by yourself. If you can narrow it down to three suitable individuals, your parent may then be able to choose the person they like best. By giving them the opportunity to select the home health care provider they prefer, you will be giving them the gift of choice.

Understanding the many areas of Chicago elder law that affect guardianship issues pertaining to an aging parent is crucial to creating a guardianship scenario that will work for you while maintaining your ward’s dignity. A Peck Ritchey guardianship attorney in Chicago can help you create a guardianship plan that works for everyone concerned.