Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you never needed a litigation attorney in Chicago, even to settle the estate of a loved one? Unfortunately, in today’s world, Chicago probate attorneys increasingly have to defend estates in court because of improper paperwork, family disputes and other complications. At Peck Ritchey, our Chicago probate attorneys are also experienced litigation lawyers so that they can properly represent any estate, trust or guardianship in court. Their familiarity with case law and legal precedents make them ideally suited to handle contested wills and a variety of other estate problems.

For Handling A Contested Will, Litigation Attorneys In Chicago Are Crucial

If someone you care about has died and left a valid will behind, Chicago probate attorneys can file all the necessary paperwork and push the estate through the courts in a relatively short time frame. If the document may be invalid or if a family member contests the will, a litigation attorney in Chicago will probably be needed to handle the complexities of the situation. Fortunately, our probate attorneys are also litigation lawyers. They can investigate the situation and determine whether the will was executed properly, whether the executor is able to discharge his duties effectively, or if someone was mistakenly left out of the estate.

There are any number of reasons to contest a will or question an estate and a Peck Ritchey litigation attorney in Chicago will be familiar with all of them, including accusations of fraud, the presence of multiple wills and improperly filed paperwork. By working with our Chicago probate attorneys, you can ensure that any problems are being handled by a properly qualified litigation attorney as well.

Our Probate Attorneys Are Familiar With Trust Problems

When the deceased has already created a trust prior to his death, you may find that it outlines inheritance issues clearly, but this isn’t always the case. While a trust is a great way to protect an estate, it isn’t always set up clearly or it may not be valid for a number of reasons. If the estate says that a particular person should inherit but that heir has died, alternative heirs will probably step forward suggesting that they should be the ones to inherit. Or you, as the administrator of a loved one’s trust, may be challenged in court if someone feels that you can’t properly handle the estate or if they believe you have abused your position. In any of these situations, being represented by a litigation lawyer in Chicago is essential.

The Complexities Of Guardianship

The guardianship of minors is a critical issue when parents pass away. In many instances, young parents haven’t left behind clear instructions in their estate, if they have planned at all. If the parents haven’t designated who they want to raise their children in the event of their death, a court battle could ensue, particularly if two or more people want to become the guardians of the children. In any situation where child custody is involved, a litigation attorney in Chicago can represent your case effectively and protect the interests of the children. There are several reasons to dispute the designated guardian including an out-of-date will, the incapacity or abuse by the designated guardian, or an estate plan that neglects to mention some of the minor children.

Because Chicago probate attorneys often have to deal with complex legal issues in court, every one of Peck Ritchey’s probate attorneys is also an experienced litigation lawyer. In this way, we can protect the rights of the heirs while successfully handling the probate of every estate we represent.