Watching someone you care about deteriorate as they age can be heartbreaking, particularly if they are a family member struggling with declining health or diminished mental capacity. If someone you love is suffering from poor quality of life, be sure to investigate the circumstances to ensure they aren’t the victim of elder abuse. In many cases, the perpetrator is a family member or trusted adviser such as a financial consultant, health care worker or the staff of an adult day care or nursing facility. In Chicago, elder law is designed to protect the elderly, but it doesn’t work unless you pursue a case. If you discover that someone is abusing your loved one financially, physically or emotionally, be sure to talk to a litigation attorney in Chicago about appropriate legal action. Peck Ritchey’s Chicago litigation attorneys are well-versed in all aspects of litigation centered on elder law in Chicago and can advise you on how to proceed.

Elder Law In Chicago Addresses Financial Concerns

Although most people think of abuse as physical or emotional, financial abuse is most common with the elderly. Financial advisers or family members may take advantage of their position in order to benefit financially if they have power of attorney or they are handling bank accounts or investments. Coercing an elderly person to change their will or hand over money or sign away investments are all examples of elder abuse that could require the attention of Chicago litigation attorneys. If you believe that someone is mishandling your loved one’s finances, a litigation attorney in Chicago can help. A simple audit can be done by having one of our Chicago litigation attorneys contact the trustee’s office or file for emergency power of attorney. If things get complicated, a litigation attorney in Chicago can file a lawsuit on behalf of the person you suspect is being abused.

Health Care Disputes: How A Litigation Attorney In Chicago Can Help

If your loved one has designated an advocate to oversee their health care but you suspect that the advocate isn’t acting in their best interest, have a serious talk with the person you care about. Ask if their health care is sufficient, whether they are seeing a doctor they are comfortable with and determine whether their care is adequate. Chicago litigation attorneys also often see elderly clients who are being abused physically or emotionally by specific healthcare workers. Any kind of medical or health care neglect is considered abuse under elder law in Chicago.

Shielding someone you love from abuse requires vigilance on your part. Be sure you stay informed and know who is taking care of healthcare decisions for them. Talk to a litigation attorney in Chicago if you believe someone isn’t providing proper healthcare to your elderly loved one. A Chicago litigation attorney from Peck Ritchey can file for temporary guardianship under elder law in Chicago if there is evidence of abuse or neglect. He or she will also be able to remove the advocate from their position and sue them for compensation.

Be Proactive – Talk To A Chicago Litigation Attorney Before Neglect Or Abuse Is Evident

Elder law in Chicago is always evolving and changing, so consulting with a litigation attorney in Chicago is an excellent way to protect your elderly loved one. The Chicago litigation attorneys at Peck Ritchey keep current with any elder law changes and can help you and your loved one with estate planning, preparation of a power of attorney and the writing of a will. We will ensure that your loved one’s rights are respected and that no one will coerce them into signing documents or handing over control of their finances to someone inappropriate.

A consultation with an attorney specializing in elder law in Chicago is an excellent way to help your loved one prepare their estate and designate who will be in charge of end of life decisions and other crucial matters. The best time to meet with Chicago litigation attorneys on behalf of your loved one is before they are seriously ill or unable to make decisions for themselves.