Kerry R. Peck interviewed by Maria Shriver

Kerry R. Peck, managing partner of Peck Ritchey, was recently interviewed by NBC News journalist Maria Shriver about how the law can work in the best interest of an Alzheimer’s patient’s wishes.

According to Peck in his new book “Alzheimer’s and the Law,” there are five very important issues to look into when an early-stage Alzheimer’s patient is planning their estate. Otherwise, Peck mentions, family members could be left with extremely large decisions to make that would not necessarily be in what would have been the affected individual’s best interest. An Alzheimer’s patient would likely benefit from examining the following issues:

  1. When designating a Power of Attorney, select an individual that you trust to act in your best interest.
  2. Finalize a Last Will and Testament; this will name an executor, pay any remaining debts, and distribute your assets as you wish.
  3. Alzheimer’s progresses quickly, so time is of the essence with estate planning.
  4. What are your long-term goals? Are you willing to shell out thousands on long-term care if need be?
  5. Discuss your wishes, such as those regarding nursing home placement, in a heart-to-heart with your family members and loved ones. Estate planning doesn’t always cover everything, so make sure that certain individuals are able to listen to what you really want for yourself.

Estate planning gives you the opportunity to ensure that your wishes are still carried out when you are no longer capable of managing such affairs. As such, estate planning can be absolutely indispensable to many individuals, especially those with any amount of assets or children.

To read Peck’s full interview with Maria Shriver in NBC News, click here.