“Hooked on Internet? Help is a just a click away.”

Nowadays, it seems you can find every answer under the sun on the internet. Although it can be overwhelming at times, I can’t imagine my life without the internet nor can I imagine it before the internet.

In relation to elder law, there are many “go-to” sites I like to recommend, here are my top five:

  • Elder Law Answers: This site not only provides “ElderLaw 101,” which contains answers to questions about estate planning, medicaid, nursing home issues and all other areas of elder law, but it also provides attorney recommendations and has a live radio program you can listen to on the web. http://www.elderlawanswers.com
  • National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys (NAELA): NAELA provides a database of dedicated, quality, elder law attorneys. Their site also features aging trends, a monthly newsletter, “Eye on Elder Issues,” and headlines of elder law news featuring articles on social security, medicaid, retirement, and all the other hot topics on Capitol Hill. www.naela.org
  • National Family Caregivers Association (NFCA): NFCA provides resources, education and support for anyone caring for a loved one with a disability, chronic illness or suffering from old age. The site directs you to networks of caregivers you can connect to in your community for support as well as caregiver statistics and a database of agencies and organizations caregivers can reach out to for information, training or respite. www.nfcacares.org
  • Aging Info USA: This is the go-to directory for every service related to elder care. They have recommendations for senior housing, home healthcare services, geriatric care management and elder law attorneys, to name a few. The yellow pages of elder services.  www.aginginfousa.com
  • The Alzheimer’s Association: The Alzheimer’s Association has created an in-depth site with the best and most up-to-date information you can find on the internet in relation to Alzheimer’s Disease treatments, clinical studies, research, facts and more. They provide a 24/7 help line, a virtual library and a comprehensive list of local support groups. This site educates, raises awareness and is simply a great relief to any family dealing with Alzheimer’s Disease. www.alz.org

Like I said, this is only five of the MILLIONS of resources available on the web. If you know of a good site I could be missing, let me know!