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Don't Let Dementia Steal Everything
by Kerry R. Peck and Rick Law

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Text: over 100 years of experience handling probate, trust, and guardianship litigation

We have over 100 years of experience handling Probate, Trust and Guardianship Litigation

Our dedicated legal team can help you in a variety of situations related to probate, estate and and trusts; our focus is helping individuals in litigation related to the following areas:


When my Mom passed, I discovered that a family member had changed Mom’s will after she had dementia so I reached out to several law firms to find out what my obligations were as a Co-Trustee. They all felt that I was responsible to the other beneficiaries to investigate, but they also told me that “Undue Influence” was almost impossible to prove and I would most likely spend more in legal fees than I could gain back for the Trust.

Fortunately, my final phone call was to Tim Ritchey. Tim was interested in a preliminary review of documents and evidence before making any determination on my likelihood of success. From that point on, he laid out our strategy in steps that gradually recovered more important facts, and showed opposing counsel that we were serious. At each step along the way, Tim evaluated the decision to move forward based on the likely financial outcome, always advising me not to spend more in legal fees than I was likely to gain back.

For almost two years, I worked closely with Tim Ritchey and Kyle Fahey. They are both extremely smart, focused, tough, creative thinkers. I never once felt like my attorneys were trying to bill extra hours; they worked efficiently and remain focused on preparing us to win at trial- never sidetracked with unnecessary discovery battles that would not contribute to our success.

Kyle and Tim presented such a compelling case and clearly had no fear of taking it to trial, that the opposing counsel caved on the day of trial. With his outstanding negotiating skills, Tim was able to balance just the right amount of pressure, patience, and professionalism to give us a substantial advantage at the settlement table. In addition to the huge settlement we won, I am so grateful to Kyle and Tim for their thoughtful, compassionate and dedicated approach to such a sad family conflict.


We were extremely impressed with Peck Ritchey’s representation of us in complex litigation involving contested deeds, powers of attorney, and hundreds of acres of family farmland. Kerry Peck and Jesse Footlik were steadfast in their commitment to winning our case, which ultimately resulted in a tremendous settlement for us. Although our case was located in “downstate” Illinois, Kerry and Jesse’s timely and thorough communication made us feel like their office was right next door. We could not be more pleased with their services and the outcome of our case.

–K.S and K.S., Edgar County, IL

I was referred to Peck Ritchey by a former judge after he heard the problems I was having in my case with my first attorney. Kerry Peck and Tim Ritchey are experienced and professional litigators who helped turn my case around for me. I wish I would have gone to them first. They helped me in a contested will and trust matter and were exceptional. I would recommend them highly for any estate, will, or trust matter!

–J.F., Chicago

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