A late-80s couple has been forced from the home they’ve lived in for nearly 60 years. After their harrowing battle against an eviction claim, they’ve made the incredibly difficult decision to cut their losses and move into a community for seniors.

Just a few months prior to their eviction, they had given the deed of their home to their grandson, who had offered to take care of them financially in exchange. He, instead, promptly mortgaged the home for as much as he could and defaulted on all three loans before selling the home without their consent. Neither of them thought their grandson would treat them that way.

Neighbors of the couple were alerted to their troubles when a real estate agent preemptively introduced them to the home’s new resident. Shocked because the couple had plans to stay there for the rest of their lives, the neighbors set up a fundraiser to help them hire a lawyer and, when they would eventually give up the cause, find them a good place to live. Unfortunately, there was no legal remedy as the foreclosure process had been completed.

Their grandson has yet to face charges as the incident is still being investigated.

If you find that someone you entrusted with your care has actually been exploiting your good faith for their personal financial gain, you may have legal recourse to compensate for your emotional or financial anguish. Contact an attorney with Peck Ritchey, LLC at (855) 328-5787.