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According to a 2017 study by the AARP, more than 60% of U.S. adults do not have a will.  If you want to make sure that your property is distributed in the way that you intend, you absolutely must have a will created by a professional lawyer. However, even with a will, many estates can be held up in lengthy delays if a surviving spouse changes their mind about how property and assets should be distributed. A joint will is a tool that can prevent this kind of disagreement and frustration.

A joint will is created between two individuals- typically spouses-  and will explain what will happen to their individual and joint property when one dies before the other. A joint will also provide instructions for property and asset distribution of the estate once the surviving party passes away. If you live in the Chicago area, Peck Ritchey, LLC‘s experienced will planning lawyers can assist you and your spouse or partner with a joint last will and testament. Call us today at (855) 328-5787 for a complimentary consultation to learn more about joint wills.

Why Do I Need a Lawyer?

Joint wills can become very complicated, and there are lots of intricate legal details to think through before deciding whether this is the right option for you. For example, when the first party in a joint will dies, all of their property goes to the surviving party. This can be a desirable option for some individuals, however, it is not something that can be modified after the fact. This can cause issues if the surviving spouse remarried, had an additional child or several other possibilities. An experienced Chicago will planning attorney from Peck Ritchey, LLC can talk you through all of the possible legal issues that can arise out of a joint will so that you can make the best decision regarding the type of will you need.

The majority of the online will-creation programs do not provide an option for creating a joint will. This is primarily due to the fact that people simply do not understand the complicated law surrounding a joint will. However, a professional will planning attorney can clarify the details you need to know about joint wills, so that if this is the proper option for you, our team will make sure that you get what you need. The results will be a solid, legal document that you can rest assured will stand the test of time once you are gone.

Why Choose Peck Ritchey, LLC?

When you are choosing to create a will, you want to talk to the Chicago will planning attorneys who best understand your needs. At Peck Ritchey, LLC, our lawyers understand the importance of all legal documents that you choose to create, including your will. Our firm has more than 100 years of combined legal experience, which means that we have the optimal capabilities for creating your will correctly. The creation of a will involves incredible detail and planning so that you cover all of your property and assets. At Peck Ritchey, LLC, we know what it takes to wrap up your entire estate so that your will accounts for all of your needs.

At Peck Ritchey, LLC, we have been recognized across the country and in our community as leaders in will planning. Peck Ritchey, LLC managing partner, Kerry Peck has served as president of the Chicago Bar Association and has been a longtime “Super Lawyer,” which is a designation awarded only to the top-performing percentage of attorneys. As a firm, we helped the City of Chicago in re-drafting the Elder Abuse and Neglect Act, which shows the high regard with which our firm’s dedication to legal service is held in the eyes of our government leaders.

Our team of lawyers at Peck Ritchey, LLC is experienced and accomplished in the planning and creation of wills, and this is the type of dedication you should seek when you plan your own will. A will is a legacy you leave behind, and selecting Peck Ritchey, LLC is a way to ensure that you get it done right.

About Joint Wills

There are many styles of wills to choose, and a joint will offers some unique features that other wills may not. Our experienced Chicago legal team has the high level of experience and comprehensive resources to walk you through the specifics of a joint will, including:

  • What does a joint will accomplish? A joint will is essentially a contract between two living individuals that binds the decisions that they make about what will happen to their property when they pass away. There are many details beyond this basic concept that your Chicago will planning lawyer can explain so that you can make an informed decision about whether a joint will is right for you.
  • What decisions need to be made for a joint will? A joint will must include the property that parties want to distribute and will need to clearly explain who will be the recipients. These are decisions that both parties must agree upon in order to create the joint will.
  • Why should you create a joint will? The main benefit of a joint will is to keep a surviving spouse from changing their mind about the distribution of assets once the first spouse dies. Creating a joint will ensures that the decisions that you make together cannot be altered once you are gone.
  • What happens if you want to change the distribution created by a joint will? When you create a joint will, your decisions on how to bequeath your property are based on the information you know now. If something happens to that would change your mind about who receives property from your estate, you cannot alter the disbursement once one spouse has passed away. A Chicago will planning lawyer can fully explain this rule, and can also help you to build some conditions into your will that may provide some flexibility.

A will planning attorney from Peck Ritchey, LLC can help you answer these questions and more.

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