Great trust is placed in those who care for the elderly. In many cases, caregivers are entrusted with a person’s property, and finances and sadly, some caretakers choose to abuse this responsibility. If you believe that your loved one has been exploited by their caregiver or guardian, the Chicago elder abuse lawyers at Peck Ritchey, LLC, can help you bring legal action against the responsible party.

It is a tragedy when elders who have worked hard their entire life, and who have achieved so much in order to enjoy their old age, get taken advantage of. Their bank accounts can be drained instantly because they trusted their caretaker. We understand how deeply troubling it can be when a Chicago-area caregiver takes advantage of the individuals they are meant to care for and we are dedicated to holding such individuals accountable for their actions.

The National Center of Elder Abuse estimates that around $2.9 billion is lost annually because of elder abuse. If you suspect that your loved one is being financially exploited, it is important to contact an attorney at Peck Ritchey, LLC to end the abuse and get the protection your loved one deserves. Our trusted and compassionate lawyers put the interests of our clients first. We want to help right the wrongs that have been committed against your loved one, and we will not rest until we have done everything in our power to help you. It is a misstatement of justice to not hold the wrongful parties accountable. Contact Peck Ritchey, LLC today at (855) 328-5787.

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    Why Do I Need a Lawyer?

    The exploitation of a senior is a complicated issue. It may involve more than just illegally or improperly using an elder person’s assets. It can also encompass deception, negligence, and a breach of fiduciary duty. With so many factors at play in this situation, it is difficult to handle it without an attorney. Often, when people are faced with an elder abuse case, they first reach out to a lawyer to seek accountability for the abuser and preventive protection for the senior.

    An experienced lawyer can help ensure this never happens again. An attorney will do more than just stop the current abuse the elder is facing. Through counseling, strategizing, and planning an estate, you can rest easy knowing your loved one won’t be taken advantage of again. Without a lawyer, it may be possible to stop the current abuse; but preventing future financial exploitation may be a bigger challenge than you can face on your own.

    It is, of course, cheaper to handle this on your own than it is to seek out these services. Dealing with an elder abuse case is a very involved process. But your elderly loved one may be at risk of losing a lot more than the cost of these services. You don’t want to risk any more loss. Your loved one has suffered enough, and you need a trusted attorney to get your family the protection it deserves. The legal team at Peck Ritchey, LLC is dedicated to helping families like yours. We want to provide you with the proper safeguards to prevent further exploitation.

    Why Choose Peck Ritchey, LLC?

    There are dozens of firms in Chicago to choose from to help you with your case. However, elder abuse cases are sensitive. You need a lawyer you can trust. You need a firm that is dedicated to serving the community and compassionate toward their clients. You need legal counsel that has the expertise, knowledge, and resources to protect you and your family from any elder abuse, neglect, and financial exploitation. You need Peck Ritchey, LLC.

    Our dedicated legal team has been assisting families and their loved ones for over a 100 years. We understand the cruelty of your elder abuse situation, and we want to provide you with the best service possible in order to begin remedying the injustices your loved one has suffered. It’s our attorneys that make Peck Ritchey, LLC successful. One of the firm’s partners, Kerry Peck, who served as the president of the Chicago Bar Association, also received the Justice John Paul Stevens Award—it is the Chicago Bar Association’s highest honor. Our attorneys have consistently been named among Super Lawyers, Top 40 Under 40, and Leading Lawyers in Illinois. We are the people you can trust with your loved one’s situation.

    Cases of Elder Abuse, Neglect, and Financial Exploitation We Cover

    By bringing legal action against an exploitative caretaker, you ensure that your elderly loved one is protected from further abuse. The Chicago elder abuse, neglect, and financial exploitation lawyers at Peck Ritchey, LLC, are prepared to pursue cases involving:

    Under any circumstance, the exploitation of the elderly is unacceptable, which is why our skilled Chicago elder exploitation lawyers at Peck Ritchey, LLC, are dedicated to helping you and your family pursue justice.

    Common Methods of Elder Financial Exploitation

    Those who exploit elders for their money are not just limited to strangers. It can be a friend, family member, and even a caretaker. It is important to be aware of common ways that elders are scammed so that you can be on the lookout and prevent any further financial loss. Some common tactics used to con the elderly include the following:

    • Fake telemarketing calls: Government agencies, such as the IRS, will never ask you for immediate payment over the phone.
    • Fraudulent injury: Sometimes scammers will pretend to be law enforcement and inform the senior that a family member has been harmed. They will then demand payment for medical expenses.
    • Selling fake products: Abusers will offer to sell seniors a product, which is placed inside a box, at a price they can’t refuse. However, the product inside the box is not the product that the senior thought they were buying.
    • Undue influence: Other abusers will manipulate the elders into believing that having too much money is a burden, or that they would be better off without their assets.
    • False prizes: In this popular scam, seniors are told they have just won the lottery from another country, and in order to receive the prize, they must wire the scammer funds for the customs costs.

    Signs of Elder Financial Abuse

    Since abusers can range from caretakers, to family, to complete strangers, it is worth noting the signs of elder financial exploitation. Your loved one may not be able to recognize the abuse they are suffering, but being informed can help you look out for them:

    • Large withdrawals from bank accounts
    • Unpaid bills
    • Missing assets and property
    • Being alone more often
    • Significant changes in important legal documents
    • A person who has suddenly struck up a close relationship
    • Lack of personal care

    Those looking to abuse the elderly look for individuals who are vulnerable. The most susceptible people are ones who are mentally or physically disabled, isolated, or recently widowed. If this describes your loved one, please be vigilant on their behalf.

    Defensive Power of Attorney

    The use of power of attorney as a defense can be a helpful strategy to prevent elder financial exploitation. Essentially, this plan allows the elder to authorize another person (who they can choose) to manage their assets on the elder’s behalf. This power can be revoked at any time. It is a simple and easy way to protect your loved one.

    However, because of its simplicity, the power of attorney can easily be abused. To ensure total lack of abuse, an elder should undergo counseling by a probate attorney about their assets in order to better protect them. To further safeguard a senior from the abuse of the power of attorney, they should draft a formal document that includes any worries the elder may have. With an attorney’s assistant, the lawyer can also include protections for the senior that they may not have thought of. Another way of preventing abuse is to have co-agents on the power of attorney.

    Chicago Elder Abuse, Neglect, and Financial Exploitation Lawyers

    At Peck Ritchey, LLC, our Chicago elder neglect lawyers are committed to protecting the rights of Chicago’s elderly population and we will aggressively pursue actin against those who exploit the elderly in Chicago. To discuss the particulars of your circumstances with one of our experienced attorneys, please call (855) 328-5787 today.


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    Very professional handling of my mother’s estate. Ron was there every step of the way and so were his paralegals I might add – from coming to Rush University when my mom was too sick to come to the office, and taking my phone calls, and always answering my questions, I can’t thank him enough! I am truly grateful for the wonderful experience with Peck Ritchey especially since it is already stressful enough when a loved one is ill. Thank you so much! We will be using your firm for our own estate planning in the very near future, I would definitely recommend Peck Ritchey.

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    When my Mom passed, I discovered that a family member had changed Mom’s will after she had dementia. For almost two years, I worked closely with Tim Ritchey and Kyle Fahey. They presented such a compelling case and clearly had no fear of taking it to trial, that the opposing counsel caved on the day of trial. With his outstanding negotiating skills, Tim was able to balance just the right amount of pressure, patience, and professionalism to give us a substantial advantage at the settlement table. In addition to the huge settlement we won, I am so grateful to Kyle and Tim for their thoughtful, compassionate and dedicated approach to such a sad family conflict.


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