In this economic downturn, financial exploitation of the elderly has been on the rise. This morning I was reminded of that fact after reading this article on Financial Exploitation in the down economy:

Here are some fast-facts regarding the pervasiveness of financial exploitation and elder abuse in Illinois:

  • Spouses, Children and Relatives represent over 76% of abusers;
  • Financial Exploitation is the most -eported type of elder abuse;
  • 71% of the victims are women; and
  • Elder abuse reports have increased each year in Illinois. In 2008, 10,583 reports were filed (an increase of 10.9% from 2007).

*Statistics recieved from the Illinois Department on Aging

In 2004, Governor Blagojevich created the program, “Break the Silence,” to help agencies raise awareness of elder abuse throughout Illinois. To learn more about this program as well as additional statistics reagrding the pervasiveness of elder abuse in Illinois and how you can help prevent it, please visit the Illinois Department on Aging’s website at: