Casey Kasem’s family sues his widow for elder abuse

Famed actor and radio personality Casey Kasem’s brother and three children from a previous marraiage filed a wrongful death lawsuit against his widow, Jean Kasem. Casey’s family filed the suit in a Los Angeles Superior Court and accused Jean Kasem of inflicting emotional distress and elder abuse on their father. Jean apparently prohibited Casey’s children from contacting him as his illness worsened in 2013.

The lawsuit said that Casey’s death was a result of Jean’s physical abuse and neglect. It also detailed accounts of Jean abandoned Casey in several hospitals for days after he was set to be discharged. The deceased star’s children also claim that Jean ignored Casey’s request to be buried in a Los Angeles cemetery and instead sent his body to Norway where it was laid to rest in an unmarked grave.

Casey Kasem died in 2014 after years of suffering from a form of dementia, bedsores, and several other illnesses. His children hope to spread awareness about elder abuse through their lawsuit.

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