Benihana heirs accuse stepmom of wasting inheritance

The children of late restaurateur and Benihana founder Hiroaki Aoki have filed a claim against their stepmother for allegedly spending their $50 million inheritance on questionable expenses, The Daily Mail reported on November 25.

Earlier this year, Aoki’s heirs assumed control over their father’s multi-million estate after winning a legal battle, but they won’t have access to the money until they reach 45. The estate has been entrusted to their stepmom, Keiko Aoki. However, the children allege Keiko has been squandering the money on dubious things, such as funding the hip-hop dance duo Beni Girls, which performs at restaurants and during promotional events. According to the lawsuit, the gimmick is an “odd attempt to entertain guests.”

The fund is currently in a trust that holds the stock of Benihana of Tokyo, a company that owns Benihana franchises overseas and one in Hawaii.

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