Will Construction, Interpretation, or Reformation

A will is one of the most vital ways to outline the wishes of a loved one after their passing. Due the extensive legal nature of wills, conflicts may arise when determining the exact wishes of a loved one due to language and clauses present in the will. With something as crucial as this final document, it is often necessary to seek the help of an experienced probate attorney to settle interpretation questions of a will or even construct an entirely new one.

Ways a Will can be misinterpreted

Wills are complicated legal documents that often leave much up to interpretation, making reformation of a completed will sometimes necessary. Some instances in which a will may need to be reformed include:

  • Language of the will was not clear throughout
  • It can be demonstrated that the testator intended otherwise
  • An omission occurred in the document
  • An error occurred in the document

With an incorrectly constructed will, an individual’s final wishes may not be preserved properly, potentially leaving property and other valuables to an unintended beneficiary. However, determining the errors in a will and fixing them can be almost impossible to do alone, making the assistance of an experienced probate attorney an essential component when making any changes to a will.

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