Understanding Undue Influence

An elderly person should be able to make a will, estate, or trust without the undue influence of another person pressuring them. Undue influence often refers to an individual who knows an elderly person is settling his or her assets and finances and tries to get the elderly person to favor him or her in their final financial planning. Using undue influence can negate the validity of legal documents like wills, and it can also mean serious legal trouble for the responsible individual.

The attorneys of Peck Ritchey, LLC understand that many elderly individuals in the Chicago area face the unfair pressures of undue influence, but work hard to fight back against those who perpetrate this terrible behavior.

Ways Undue Influence Can Affect You

Those who use undue influence could affect you in any number of ways. If you are drafting the will, trust, or settlement for your estate, you could feel immense pressure or even threats from certain individuals. If you are a beneficiary of these, then undue influence might:

  • Deprive you of your benefits
  • Frighten your loved one
  • Cause confusion or distrust in the family
  • Create legal difficulties

All of these results of undue influence can be detrimental, but an experienced elder law attorney in Chicago can help you fight back too.

Contact an Elder Law Attorney in Chicago

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