Signs of Elder Neglect

Elder neglect occurs when the caretaker of an elderly person ignores their responsibilities. When caretakers do not perform duties such as feeding, bathing, or looking after the elderly person, they are committing neglect. Neglect can be devastating to an elderly person’s physical and mental health, so it is important to know the signs in order to prevent future abuse. The following list provides some basic things to look out for:

  • Weight loss – weight loss could indicate that a caregiver has been failing to feed the patient
  • Dental issues – dental issues are often a sign of neglect, as they arise from poor diet and hygiene.
  • Hygiene – if the patient has not been bathed, is in dirty clothes, or is sleeping in dirty bedding, the caregiver may be neglectful
  • Depression – neglectful caregivers often cause the elderly to become depressed, or cause already existing mental health issues to become more severe
  • Dehydration – signs of dehydration include dryness of the skin and eyes or trouble urinating

Diagnosing and treating neglect:

Doctors are often able to catch neglectful caregivers by conducting patient exams, blood tests, and x-rays that indicate new or worsening conditions that were inflicted by the care giver. If you or a loved one catches a neglectful care giver, there are some possible solutions. Finding a new caregiver, relocation to a new care site, mental health counseling, dietary counseling, and medications are just a few ways the elderly can recover from neglect. These remedies, however, are often expensive.

Contact and Attorney

Elder neglect is a criminal act that could cause a serious decline in the health of the victim. If you or a loved one has been a victim of elder neglect, after seeking immediate medical attention, you should contact an attorney. Our Chicago and Northbrook elder neglect lawyers at Peck Ritchey, LLC may be able to help you with the expenses incurred. To speak with an attorney, call (855) 328-5787.