Questioning Estate Administration

Estate administration occurs when a person passes away but identifies someone who is responsible for managing his or her estate after death. This person is left in charge of managing all aspects of the deceased’s estate, including the management of funds. This responsibility is not without its complications, however, especially if there are questions about an administrator’s appointment in the first place, or the quality of his or her management of the estate at hand. Questioning estate administration in Chicago can be a complicated process, but you do not have to work alone. The attorneys of Peck Ritchey, LLC, help parties who feel they have been wronged fight back and may be able to help you settle your differences with an administrator through legal action.

Reasons to Question Estate Administration

In Chicago elder law, estate administration disputes are rarer than other issues, such as will contest or probate litigation, but these instances do occur. Estate administration might be questioned if the claimant:

  • Believes the administrator should not be in the position
  • Believes the administrator coerced the deceased into naming him / her
  • Believes the administrator does his / her job illegally

These situations might result in disputes between a claimant and an estate administrator, which an experienced Chicago elder law attorney can help you settle through legal means.

Contact an Elder Law Attorney in Chicago

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