Preventing Inheritance Disputes

Sometimes, bereaved family members fall into heated arguments regarding the wishes of their departed loved one. Inheritance disputes are notorious for causing irreparable harm to familial relationships and as a result take years to resolve. The probate attorneys at Peck Ritchey, LLC, have seen families torn apart by legal battles over the terms of wills and trusts, and we understand how much is at stake. Our legal team is dedicated to helping family members find a reasonable conclusion to probate disputes.

Taking Precautions to Prevent an Inheritance Dispute

When planning your will, you strive to ensure that the property which you have worked so hard to earn is divided fairly among your survivors. The last thing you want is to cause arguments over who gets what. For this reason, you may consider taking the following measures during the process of estate planning:

  • Discuss the division of personal property with your family.
  • Keep your will up to date.
  • Make clear distinctions between gifts and loans.
  • Avoid joint ownership.
  • Be honest and realistic about the relationship(s) between siblings.

Applying these practices early on in the planning process can significantly reduce the chances of your loved ones getting into arguments after you pass. Careful planning can ensure that both your legacy and your family remain intact.

Contact a Chicago Probate Litigation Attorney

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