Preventing Elder Abuse

Elder abuse includes behaviors towards an elderly person that are violent, negligent, or embarrassing. Elderly people that are dependent on a caregiver or rely on others to handle their assets are often subjected to such abuse. If you or a loved one falls into such a category, there are measures that can prevent abuse from occurring.

Preventative Measures

  • Educating family members is extremely important, as most cases of elder abuse occur at home rather than in nursing homes. A nursing home may actually be safer, but it is important to check for cases of abuse at any residences you consider. Knowing the dangers of at home care-giving allows family members to be on the lookout for abusive behavior.
  • Sharing the responsibility of care giving is another important measure – taking on the task of caring for an elderly person 24/7 can be dangerous for both care giver and elder. Time away from a dependent person is essential to one’s own mental health. It also gives the elder the opportunity to have time away from an abusive care giver to report to a loved one. Finding multiple caregivers is beneficial to both parties.
  • Going to counseling or having supportive family members or friends is crucial. The elderly may struggle with mental illnesses, drug or alcohol addiction recovery, or depression. Receiving outside counseling can help recover from these issues. Additionally, caregivers may become saddened or stressed, and having someone to speak to can keep their actions in check.

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Following preventative measures is a great way to reduce the risk of elderly abuse. However, your family may find themselves unable to prevent such a horrible crime. If you or a family member has experienced elder abuse, contact our elder abuse lawyers at Peck Ritchey, LLC at (855) 328-5787 for a free consultation.