Fighting Financial Exploitation

When the elderly are unable to manage their finances or estates, they often have to put trust in a caregiver. While many situations are safe and handled responsibly, sometimes a caregiver ends up financially exploiting his or her situation, costing the elderly person in his or her care undue stress and financial problems. Financial exploitation is an unfortunate reality for many of the elderly in Chicago, but an elder law attorney, such as those at Peck Ritchey, LLC, can help victims fight back against exploitation.

Examples of Financial Exploitation

A caregiver may be able to commit financial exploitation in numerous ways, but there are two examples that seem more common in these cases. These examples involve:

  • Caregiver Theft
  • Undue Influence

Theft is relatively simple to understand, but undue influence may need a bit of explanation. Basically, it refers to a caregiver inappropriately using his or her position to convince an elderly person to give or leave money/assets to the caregiver. This could be done through threats or coercion, or more subtle tactics. In any case, no one should ever be financially exploited, and victims can fight back.

Contact an Elder Law Attorney in Chicago

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