Kerry Peck Donations Include The National Academy Of Elder Law Attorneys Political Action Committee

For Chicago attorney Kerry Peck, donations are personal. Because he's dedicated his life to helping others, one of the organizations that benefits from Kerry Peck donations is the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys Political Action Committee. This PAC helps support candidates who are dedicated to helping elderly and disabled constituents.

About The National Academy Of Elder Law Attorneys

The National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys helps attorneys find continuing legal education and professional development opportunities. The organization was founded in 1987 and helps lawyers fulfill continuing education and ethics requirements through a number of different live meetings, webinars and virtual meetings. Members have access to a number of free titles in the Online Community that can help them earn required continuing education credits.

Additionally the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys offers a Certified Elder Law Attorney designation. To be certified, attorneys need to go through rigorous education and testing, as well as spend at least 16 hours a week practicing elder law.

Joining The National Academy Of Elder Law Attorneys

Joining the National Academy Of Elder Law Attorneys is easy. The organization is open to attorneys throughout the country who are dedicated to representing the needs of people with disabilities and the elderly. Membership costs $425 a year, but new members do receive a discount for their first year of membership. Full time law students are also eligible for membership at a reduced price.

Additionally, the organization has chapters in 27 states to help local attorneys connect with others and attend local events that relate to their states.

What Kerry Peck Donations Help Accomplish

Kerry Peck donations through the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys Political Action Committee help support candidates such as Representative Steve Israel. Representative Israel sponsored a bill in January 2012 called the Elder Care Tax Credit Act. This act sought to amend the IRS code to provide a tax credit for an adult child who is responsible for caring for his or her parents, even if the parent doesn't live with the adult child. This would help taxpayers bearing the increasing costs of long-term care for their family members. The bill had 10 co-sponsors and was referred to committee, where it remains.

Kerry Peck donations weren't the only donations received by the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys Political Action Committee. The PAC received nearly $65,000 in donations from individuals, mostly dedicated elder law professionals, and the majority of all funds collected went to candidates; less than $3000 went toward operating expenses.

For Kerry Peck, donations aren't just about money. He works with organizations that are dedicated to helping the elderly and the disabled and works tirelessly to ensure that these people are given a voice in the Senate and the House of Representatives, as well as in local governments. It's because of this that the National Academy Of Elder Law Attorneys Political Action Committee is a beneficiary of Kerry Peck donations.

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Kerry Peck Donations Include Speaking Engagements For A Variety Of Organizations

Many people donate their time to worthy causes. Kerry Peck is no exception, although you may not see him donating his time swinging a hammer or collecting money for a charity. Instead Kerry Peck’s donations of time and expertise follow a more specific path, yet far-reaching path. He is acutely aware that many people in Illinois, including health care workers, private businesses and individuals, aren’t familiar with elder law issues. To educate both the private and public sector on these issues, he frequently speaks to groups of all sizes about the complexities of elder law and related topics, including elder abuse, estate planning, end-of-life decisions and wills. Tailoring each speaking engagement to the interests of each group is one of Kerry Peck’s jobs as an advocate for the elderly, and he takes pride in the many opportunities he’s had to educate others about elder care concerns.

Hospitals And Elder Care Facilities Appreciate Kerry Peck’s Elder Law Discussions

Attorney Peck frequently speaks at hospitals and elder care facilities, addressing issues such as understanding patients’ rights under elder law, watching for signs of abuse or neglect and helping family members and employers cope with concerns such as Alzheimer’s. He has also spoken to these groups about estate planning and the need for families to come together and plan for elderly parents before dementia or incapacity robs them of their ability to choose for themselves. Kerry Peck’s job as a speaker at nursing care facilities and hospitals also includes educating healthcare workers and volunteers about the importance of properly carrying out the instructions of advance directives. During his speaking engagements at these facilities, he encourages discussion of how elder care facilities, nursing home and hospitals can better serve both the elderly and their families.

Government Agencies: Kerry Peck’s Donations Of Time Have Been Critical In Shaping Policy

As a recognized expert on elder law and an Illinois Super Lawyer, Kerry Peck is often invited to speak before government agencies. His experience in the application of elder laws has prompted him to stress the importance of enacting and clarifying new elder law statutes to better serve and protect Illinois’ many senior citizens. Topics have included the need for proper funding of organizations and agencies that are designed to help the elderly. This is one of Kerry Peck’s jobs that give him the most satisfaction because he is helping these agencies to craft a better future for the state’s senior citizens and their families.

Financial Planners And Private Businesses: Tapping Into The Expertise Of Kerry Peck

Donations of expertise and time by Kerry Peck also include seminars and lectures for various private businesses and financial planning institutions, where he outlines the need for proper estate planning, advance directives, wills and appropriate guardianship plans for the elderly. He has also offered seminars to businesses and their employees regarding asset protection, the tax implications of various estate plans and the role of estate planning for individuals who are nearing retirement age.

If your organization desires a speaker who excels at explaining the complexities of elder law, estate planning, guardianship issues or asset protection, contact attorney Kerry Peck. Donations of his time and expertise to help families struggling with elder care or finance issues are some of his finest moments.

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