CEU Event this Thursday at Ronald McDonald House on Ethics – Questioning Capacity

This Thursday, April 28th, at 5:15 pm, Jesse Footlik, 2016 Super Lawyer from Peck Ritchey, LLC, will be speaking at a CEU Event at the Ronald McDonald House. The topic of his talk is “Ethics- Questioning Capacity: How do you determine if an individual is capable of making decisions?”

You can learn more about this event by clicking here.

Elderly Americans victims of family financial abuse

There are currently three known cases of identity theft in Tazewell County, IL alone in which the accused stole thousands of dollars from their elderly parents.

Many older individuals trust their grown children to handle their finances responsibly and use their savings to pay for medical care and nursing home expenses. Unfortunately, responsible decisions are not always made. For example, 37-year-old Tina Roten used her mother’s Social Security information and name to open a credit card, on which she charged over $10,000. Her mother found out about the charges only after her credit tanked. In the other cases, family members have discovered financial abuse after their loved one’s bank accounts were drained to only a few dollars. If convicted, those accused could face up to 15 years in prison.

Sadly, older Americans are prime targets for identity theft, and far too frequently are victims of their own family members. If you or another member of your family has been a victim of elder financial abuse, contact the lawyers of Peck Ritchey, LLC, at (855) 328-5787 so we can help end the abuse.

Kerry Peck to speak at Lincolnshire Police Department “Are You the Next Victim?” event

Attorney Kerry Peck of Peck Ritchey, LLC, is scheduled to speak at the Lincolnshire Police Department’s “Are You The Next Victim?” event on Thursday, April 14. This event is aimed at helping individuals protect themselves against identify theft, fraud, and scams. The event will be held at Eddie Merlot’s, 185 N. Milwaukee Avenue, in Lincolnshire from 11:30 am – 1:30 pm (registration will begin at 11:00 am).

Individuals interested in attending this important event should RSVP by April 11th to Sergeant Kim Covelli at (847) 913-2345 or kcovelli@lincolnshireil.gov.

Ron Webb to present to the Illinois Federation of Teachers on estate planning

Ron Webb is presenting to the Illinois Federation of Teachers on March 3, 2016 on Estate Planning. He will discuss wills, powers of attorney probate, how to avoid probate, joint tenancy, trusts, Illinois estate tax, and the IRA Inheritance Protection Trust.

Nursing home blamed for failure to protect in lawsuit

According to a report by Cook County Record on February 5, Wilene Jones, a resident of Cook County, is accusing South Suburban Rehabilitation Center LLC and Central Street Management LLC of failing to protect her from abuse committed against her by her roommate. The lawsuit was apparently filed on February 3 in Cook County Circuit Court and accused the two companies of negligence under the Nursing Home Care Act.

Details from the lawsuit reveal that Jones was a patient at South Suburban Rehab from January 2014 until December 2015. She reportedly suffered a fractured left hip, left femur, and several other injuries after her roommate abused her while a resident at the facility. The care facility allegedly failed to protect her from the incidents.

Jones is seeking damages of $100,000 for pain and suffering, disability and disfigurement, emotional trauma, and medical expenses, according to the report.

Elder abuse can take many forms, all of them reprehensible. If you believe that you or someone you love has been a victim of elder abuse, get help immediately by contacting the experienced attorneys of Peck Ritchey, LLC, by calling our Chicago offices today at (855) 328-5787.

Kerry Peck to Help Answer Questions for Fox 32 Chicago

Managing Partner Kerry Peck of Peck Ritchey, LLC, will be joining Larry Yellen of Fox 32 Chicago to answer questions on the Fox 32 Facebook page after their 9 p.m. broadcast tonight. During the broadcast, Yellen will be reporting on the problem of elderly individuals wandering away from their homes, and what steps can be taken to help prevent and address this occurrence. Yellen and Peck will then be answering questions on Facebook that viewers post in response to the broadcast. Be sure to tune in tonight at 9 p.m. and join us on Facebook after the story to have your questions answered.

Peck Ritchey, LLC, to Sponsor Alzheimer’s Day

Peck Ritchey, LLC, is proud to be a gold-level sponsor of the 22nd annual Alzheimer’s Day event that will be held at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago on Thursday, May 12th. The event is designed to highlight Alzheimer’s research done through Northwestern University as well as bring this information to the public. Starting in the early afternoon, Kristine Yaffe, MD, of the University of California will present “The Mendleton Lecture,” showcasing her work in the field of neurocognitive studies.  Following the lecture, a lunch and scientific poster viewing will be held.  The event will conclude with a town hall meeting later in the afternoon. You can read more about this important event by clicking here.

Peck Ritchey, LLC, sponsoring Paint the Night Purple event

Brandon Peck and other board members

Brandon Peck and other board members

On February 19, 2016, Peck Ritchey, LLC, will sponsor Paint the Night Purple, an event hosted by the Alzheimer’s Association’s Greater Illinois Chapter Junior Board. Our very own Brandon Peck is a Junior Board member of this group. Paint the Night Purple aims to promote awareness of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia among younger generations, as well as raise money to provide for those affected by Alzheimer’s disease. The event will feature heavy appetizers, desserts, and a premium open bar, and tickets can be purchased early online or at the door the night of the event.  Click here to learn more about this important event.

Nursing home camera law implemented in Illinois

Pantagraph reported on January 2 that nursing homes in the state of Illinois have just been added to the list of elder care facilities that will now follow the new law of installing video cameras in care facilities. The installation and recordings of the cameras will be able to ensure that the events that occur in nursing homes are recorded and reported accurately.

The bill became a law on January 1, and it permits the recording and monitoring devices inside nursing home patients’ rooms. About 860 nursing homes in Illinois will be involved in the new policy. The new law apparently came about after thousands of calls and complaints, which mostly involved long-term care homes, were made to the Illinois Department of Public Health.

Lisa Madigan, Attorney General of Illinois, stated that the installation of cameras will be beneficial to both patients and nursing home institutions. Nursing homes could monitor and apprehend those who engage in abusive behavior and misconduct.

If your loved one has been assaulted, abused, or injured in a Chicago nursing home, please consult with our legal team at Peck Ritchey, LLC. Call us at (855) 328-5787 to let us help you put a stop to the mistreatment of your loved one immediately.

Types of Elder Abuse

Elder abuse can happen anywhere. As seniors become more frail over time, they become less able to defend themselves from different kinds of attacks. Sadly, there are many people out there who see this weakness as an opportunity to abuse, neglect, or take advantage of elderly individuals. There are three different categories of abuse that elderly victims may suffer:

  • Emotional abuse – This category usually involves an attacker causing emotional distress or mental anguish to elderly victims. The most common form of emotional abuse is verbal, and may manifest as yelling, humiliation, blaming, and threatening. Nonverbal emotional abuse includes isolating, terrorizing, and ignoring the elderly victim.
  • Sexual abuse – This is when intimate contact is made without permission or consent from the victim. This form of abuse may include instances that are sexually suggestive, like the exposure to pornographic materials.
  • Physical abuse – This is perhaps the most common form of elder abuse, and it is characterized as any non-accidental use of force that leads to the elder’s physical pain or injury.

Unfortunately, the care facilities we entrust our elderly loved ones to are often the settings for these types of abuse or neglect. If your loved one has suffered as a result of a nursing home staff member’s actions or behavior in Chicago, do not hesitate to speak with our lawyers at Peck Ritchey, LLC. Call us now at (855) 328-5787 to let us put a stop to this abuse.

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